Welcome to DamnCoders!

Welcome to DamnCoders, folks. Maybe you’ve already checked out the site, but if not, please do!

We finally decided it was time to put together a site where we could offer our services. I don’t know why – we’ve been so busy already that it was tough finding the free time to do it. Maybe this will help us free up some time for some nice wholesome activity. :P

We have a strong team here at DamnCoders. Some of us have been working together for years, so we have a tendency to finish each others’ sentences. Or scripts. We have a little over 30 years of hard-core web coding experience between us, and we’re damned good at what we do. We know how to make a site both user and search engine friendly, and we make sure usability doesn’t suffer across multiple platforms, including the nine million different mobile formats. And if you’ve ever known any coders, you know there’s nothing we like better than launching a project that everyone said couldn’t be done.

But we don’t listen to those people. We know what can be done, and we get off on making it happen. Let the rest of ‘em follow the pack… we don’t settle for the norm… we disrupt. So if you have one of those “impossible” projects, bring it on! We’ll almost certainly blow you away with how fast we can show you results. And we guarantee you’ll be happy when the job’s finished. NONE of our clients get what they ask for… we always deliver more!

In the next few days, we’ll start posting some stuff with a little more substance to it… stuff that makes things happen… code. We eat, breathe and dream code, so don’t expect a lot of existential BS. There are a few things we really hate:

  • Existential BS
  • Faulty code
  • Bloated code
  • Coders that talk better than they code

So take a look around, make yourself at home, and come back often. We’ll try to make it worth your while.

Next time, bring some Mountain Dew, would ya?