Professional Web Development Services

DamnCoders is a leading web development and programming company headquartered in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. We provide professional website development as well as application development services to websites, businesses, resellers, agencies, and internet marketers quickly, efficiently, and at affordable prices.

  • Improve Productivity

    Work smarter, not harder utilizing our skills at building state of the art tools for your company and clients.

  • Deliver Satisfaction

    Our team will make sure your clients are always happy with our results, and still within expected timeframes.

  • Reduce Expenditure

    By using our proven experience and expertise, you only have to deal with one US based team of professional coders.

  • KISS Methodology

    We pride ourselves on creating fast, lightweight, optimized applications that do exactly what you require.

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  • Why Not a Web Designer?

    By utilizing our extensive web development services, you are getting a designer, as well as the other professionals who can make your website perform like a champion, with interactivity that is untouchable by any general web designer.

  • Why Do You Need Us?

    Working with DamnCoders ensures that you're getting the most return on your investment from a solid team of coders, designers, copywriters, and marketing professionals that are reliable and experienced, and located in the USA.

  • What Is LAMP Technology?

    Our main specialty is LAMP based web development. Simply put, LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP & Perl. Using this combination, we are able to deliver ultra fast, lightweight applications that always deliver quality.